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Our Idiot Brother wants to be an of-the-moment indie comedy version of a family drama, but it doesn’t have the courage of conviction to make any one of its main characters anything other than a walking cliche. These are cardboard cutouts of quirk that I’d refer to as sitcom … if I were being as lazy as the filmmakers.
That’s Will Leitch panning yet another disappointing offering from Hollywood this coming weekend. He even calls star Paul Rudd a “throw pillow,” which I think Rudd might actually consider something of a compliment, given his cheery demeanor. Perhaps Rudd’s amiable complacency is beginning to bleed a bit too much into his work.


[The Projector, Grantland]

‘Cyberbullying’ Now An Official Word. So is ‘retweet’ and ‘sexting’ (thanks, Anthony Weiner?) The Concise Oxford English Dictionary has added 400 new entries of slang into it’s big list of words. They include the above, as well as:

  • Mankini
  • Jeggings
  • OMG

I look forward to the future, when nobody ever makes any sense.



Faces Of Ron > Faces Of Death. This is “The Many Faces of Ron,” a site set up by NBC for “Parks & Recreation.”  And the fact that summer has now begun and we are miles away from new Ron Swanson quotes is just so, so, so unarousing.  Pass the Snake Juice.

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