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‘Cyberbullying’ Now An Official Word. So is ‘retweet’ and ‘sexting’ (thanks, Anthony Weiner?) The Concise Oxford English Dictionary has added 400 new entries of slang into it’s big list of words. They include the above, as well as:

  • Mankini
  • Jeggings
  • OMG

I look forward to the future, when nobody ever makes any sense.



Sometime this month, and as soon as this week, the court will issue its final decision in the case. It will be, at long last, the definitive adjudication of one of the most voluminous and colorful cases in the history of American jurisprudence. But for those whose lives constituted the case’s facts, the decision will mean less than nothing. For within one year of that morning in 2006, all of them would be gone.
That’s from Dan Lee’s lengthy New York Magazine article about Anna Nicole Smith. And while the piece is interesting, I hate it when intelliectuals describe someone like Smith as “peculiarly American” or “quintessentially American.” Like we’re perfectly represented by a vacuous Playboy model known for overeating and overdosing on drugs. Kind of insulting, frankly.


A team is where you have your teammate’s back regardless of what happens; you defend them and you sort out any dirty laundry quietly behind closed doors. There was almost none of that at ESPN. There was no encouragement, because the atmosphere was one of stick the knife in his back, climb the corporate ladder. It was a very, very negative place to work. Don’t believe the mascot promos. Life is not like that at SportsCenter. The prevailing idea was that the network was much more important than individuals.
That’s former ESPN anchor Jack Edwards lobbing a grenade at his old bosses in the new ESPN oral history, due in stores next week. And that last sentence says so very much about how ESPN both covers sports and overrides them at the same time.



Announcement: Ann to Replace Meredith as TODAY Co-anchor. All hail @AnnCurry, who is everything Rory Gilmore wanted to grow up to be. Best wishes and kudos to Vieira.



Every major newspaper assigns a reporter to gather information about older luminaries and to write advance obituaries. A former colleague of Thomson at the Journal recently described the time an editor talked about doing this for Murdoch.

"Rupert is not going to die," Thomson said.

"In the event he does?" the editor responded.

"Rupert is not going to die," Thomson repeated.

More from the profile of WSJ managing editor/F.O.R. Robert Thomson in this week’s New Yorker.


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