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How Can We Use Group Messaging in The Real World? CNET’s Caroline McCarthy asks what’s next for group messaging in a post this morning, because, as she says, “let’s face it, SXSW is not the real world.”

I’ve been considering possible use cases for the past week, both commercial and personal, and I don’t see myself every wanting to group text with people I don’t know.

Would it be great to have a group text with my roommates or carpool group? Yes. Could we use it in the newsroom to connect field reporters with editors in the field? It could work.

Would I ever want to have a book talk via SMS? Absolutely not.


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The Award for Best SXSW Sponsorship Goes to… Friskies Walking into the I Can Has Cheezburger the first thing I saw was this 640-lb block of cheddar cheese carved into famous internet cats. The fact that Ben Huh would include a tribute to internet cats at his SXSW party isn’t surprising, but I am impressed that Friskies thought to capitalize on it. When a brand can have fun with popular culture without forcing the association, it’s a win for all involved.


The Google and Bing smackdown in all its bloody banality 

I walked away from Monday’s Q&A with Google and Bing slightly disappointed that there wasn’t more on Bing scraping Google’s search data, or the rise of Demand Media in the new Google algorithm, but there was one major takeaway. As joshhallidayguardian points out: At least in the eyes of Google and Bing, content is king. 

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Sometimes You Just Need a Break: In the midst of all the SXSW chaos, there is at least one way to experience childlike bliss — GE’s solar-powered carousel. For those of you who are here in Austin, you can find it at the corner of 3rd and Congress.

- LB

Note: GE owns 49% of NBC Universal, but that is not why I fell in love with night time carousel rides in downtown Austin.

Startups Rent Houses, Bloggers Get Free Trailers: You may have seen some of the envy-inducing shots of the beautiful home the Tumblr staff rented in Austin for SXSW. But, you probably haven’t seen the bizarre/hilarious setup that HP put together for their community of “creative influencers” (read: bloggers). The just-for-SXSW trailer park looks like a mix between a Target commercial and one of those frighteningly cheerful Old Navy ads, complete with fake grass, pink flamingos and trailers furnished with lava lamps.

- LB