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‘Cyberbullying’ Now An Official Word. So is ‘retweet’ and ‘sexting’ (thanks, Anthony Weiner?) The Concise Oxford English Dictionary has added 400 new entries of slang into it’s big list of words. They include the above, as well as:

  • Mankini
  • Jeggings
  • OMG

I look forward to the future, when nobody ever makes any sense.



Oxford English Dictionary Now Apparently Accepting Emoticons. The Village Voice is reporting that “<3” (the heart symbol) is being added to the Oxford English Dictionary. That’s right. <3. That’s a word now, apparently to be followed soon by o_0 and ;). I think putting these symbols in an actual dictionary is dumb, especially when there are still awesome slang words out there that have yet to be given the OED’s official touch, with “bongasaurus” at the top of my list. Please, OED. Stop putting annoying symbols in your book. You’re only encouraging people.


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