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She’s not as approachable as the others. She’s really serious about what she does. Everyone else is so nice.
That’s one-time Bobby Draper Jared Gilmore, who said the above in reference to his former colleague on “Mad Men,” the oft-maligned January Jones. And I’ll be curious to see how much of Miss Serious we get from Season 5 of the show, with Don marrying someone new and Betty becoming more and more insufferable. I put the over/under on her screen time for the whole season at about twenty minutes.



Jon Hamm Locked In For Three More Seasons Of Smolderin’. Jon Hamm signed a contract with AMC making him one of the highest paid actors on cable television. The move ensures there will be at least three more seasons of “Mad Men,” which almost makes up for one season of “The Killing.” WOOHOO MAD MEN IS COMIN’ BACK SOON!


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Animated GIFs are like the jazz of the internet

That’s from Co.Design's post on the beauty of the animated GIF. The post features the work of artists Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg who create “cinemagraphs,” photographs with just one animated element, that in the words of Co.Design “breathe the whisper of life into each image.” The best animated gifs are able to capture the intangible — like the emotion of Peggy Olsen’s red motorcycle ride — but Beck and Burg take things one step further when they demonstrate the calm a newspaper can bring to a crowded park.



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The negotiations were pushed into public view on Monday when two publications, and The Daily, reported that Mr. Weiner was objecting to AMC’s proposals to shave several minutes off each episode (to add commercial time) and to eliminate two cast members (to save money)
That’s The New York Times explaining the current contract impasse between AMC and “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner, which is delaying production of the award-winning series. You listen to me, AMC: Give that man his minutes so I can get back to loving your show. Heaven forbid the show goes over time and cuts into your 569th broadcast of “Godfather II”.  


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They are fighting over a very lucrative property, and who is going to pay for it to get made; it’s one of the biggest perils of success — everyone wants a piece of it now, and they are fighting over who is gonna get the biggest chunk.

That’s “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner, explaining to Entertainment Weekly (via the New York Times) that the show’s fifth season is currently up in the air due to contract negotiations. It may not air until 2012. Well, that’s just GREAT. Here, I hoped to alleviate the NFL lockout by watching Don Draper get drunk at 10AM and sleep around with every secretary he hires. And now this? It’s like the Fates want me to have a life or something.


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Fathers transmit their smoking habits to a statistically significant level to their sons, and the same is true of mothers and daughters. However, if a mother smokes it does not seem to impact on the probability of her son smoking, and similarly a father that smokes does not affect his daughter.

Co-author of a USC study. Scientific evidence that Betty Draper should have just blamed herself when she caught Sally smoking in the bathroom.


Donny Deutsch on "Sterling's Gold" 

Sterling: “When a man gets to a point in his life when his name’s on the building, he can get an unnatural sense of entitlement.”

Deutsch: “Don’t I know it!”


Sterling: “I don’t know if anyone ever told you that half the time business comes down to: ‘I don’t like that guy.’”

Deutsch: “How true. Advertising is a relationship business and that’s a reality you just have to deal with. By the way, even if a client loves your idea and they don’t like you, they’re probably not going to work with you … nor should they. Would you hire someone you didn’t like?”

Ms. Pogrebin, whose daughter Robin is a reporter at The New York Times, said she saw only one glitch in this season of the show, in a scene where Joan, a bombshell force at the firm, chatted with another woman in the waiting room of an abortionist. “It was never like that,” said Ms. Pogrebin, who has written about her own experience with abortion. “There was no waiting room, no women there waiting calmly, no seeing anyone else. It was all furtive and dead of night.” And, she added, “It was always $300; she said $400.”
An hour after viewing and mulling this over, though, I still can’t come to a resolution over whether Don’s decision to make Megan the next Mrs. Draper is reasonable or insane. Part of the impetus would seem to have come from the sheer materializing of the ring that Anna left Don: He must have understood this to mean that she hoped he’d re-marry. Don is clearly moved by Megan’s kindness and ease with the children during the trip. He tells her that he feels around her the way he always wanted to feel. (Serene? Youthful? Unburdened by his duplicities?) Also, any indications that Megan slept with Don originally out of cold careerism seem to have evaporated. And yet, she doesn’t know the single most significant thing about Don, as Faye does. And we could argue that it wasn’t merely the Megan positives that drew Don to her but the perceived Faye negatives as well.
Ginia Bellafante at The New York Times wraps up last night’s “Mad Men,” though one of our editors claims she is “insanely generous to DD.” That said, her recap touches on a lot of we noticed - from Ken Cosgrove drawing the line between work and family, to Peggy and Joan’s shared moment.
A couple weeks ago, I got sent this thing from a friend; it’s called Pete Campbell’s Bitchface. And they take all these screenshots of me and my weird facial expressions. [Laughs.] I’m so proud of it. It’s weird how proud I am of my bitchface.



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This newsroom is full of devoted Mad Men fans and lovers of “Pete Campbell’s Bitchface.” This quote just made our Friday afternoon that much better.

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