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We think the [Girl Scouts’] national leadership has been infected with a radical feminist agenda.

That’s Terry McKeegan of the Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute, claiming the Girls Scouts is really a front to push a radical progressive anti-family anti-modesty agenda. And if that “anti-modesty” means deliberately setting up shop right outside the grocery store exit and pouncing on me to buy three boxes of Samoas, then I wholeheartedly support McKeegan’s condemnation.


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Drinker’s Paradise. 

Do you have a crapload of cash burning a hole in your pocket? Do you like booze? Do you like historic swindlers? Then I’m guessing you were one of the people who participated in yesterday’s Bernie Madoff Alcohol Auction. While Madoff was a high-rollin’ cheater, he also had a taste for the average, judging by his bottles of Jose Cuervo and Jack Daniels, which is what I buy for house parties when I try to look generous. Nine bottles of those two went for $500, while tiny airline-size bottles of various alcohols sold for $300. All proceeds will go to the victims of Madoff’s fraud. And the booze purchasers will annoy their party guests with “GUESS WHO THIS BOTTLE OF TANQUERAY ORIGINALLY BELONGED TO?” stories all summer long. 


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The Twitter Account for the US Secret Service Disses Fox News: The president was in Connecticut today, so our friends at NBC Connecticut were monitoring the Secret Service’s Twitter account when this bit of media criticism came through. It has since disappeared. Given that the tone of the Tweet is unlike anything else on the account, we assume someone was toggling between accounts on Tweetdeck or similar. I’ve been there, and it’s not a fun place to be.


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"I Cannot Conceive of a Situation in Which He Resumes His Duties." Felix Salmon, from Reuters and New York’s 20 list, sat down with Chuck Scarborough to talk about the ramifications of the arrest of powerhouse French banker Dominique Strauss-Kahn. 


Bulletproof Dog That Got bin Laden Receives Equally Bulletproof Chew Toy.  The image above showcases the bulletproof doggie vest worm by the SEAL dog that helped kill Osama bin Laden last month.  And while I salute the technology, I fear these vests will soon be deployed by pretentious Park Slope dog people who will revel in the fact that you are now defenseless against having your crotch sniffed by their cyborg Corgi.


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Time To Propose Alternate Novelty GOP Presidential Candidates. Now that Donald Trump is officially out of the running for President, and since Gary Coleman is still deceased, we’re gonna need a new sideshow freak candidate for the Republican field to keep us interested between now and when the election takes place 560 months from now. Here are some suggestions:

• Ted Nugent

• Mike Ditka

• Pat Sajak

• Lou Dobbs

• Character actor James Cromwell, who I don’t think is conservative but kinda looks like a GOP President

• Kid Rock

• A Ford F150 pickup truck

• Larry the Cable Guy

• Joe the Plumber

• Bob the Builder

• That one blonde lady from “The View”

• “Sweetness,” Stephen Colbert’s pet handgun

• Captain America

• Magneto

• Adam Carolla

• Incredibly lifelike dummy of David Petraeus

• Michael Palin


A team is where you have your teammate’s back regardless of what happens; you defend them and you sort out any dirty laundry quietly behind closed doors. There was almost none of that at ESPN. There was no encouragement, because the atmosphere was one of stick the knife in his back, climb the corporate ladder. It was a very, very negative place to work. Don’t believe the mascot promos. Life is not like that at SportsCenter. The prevailing idea was that the network was much more important than individuals.
That’s former ESPN anchor Jack Edwards lobbing a grenade at his old bosses in the new ESPN oral history, due in stores next week. And that last sentence says so very much about how ESPN both covers sports and overrides them at the same time.


He does one thing and he does it particularly well. The power of it comes from the community of people that read it: operatives, bookers, reporters, producers and politicians.

That’s John F. Harris, co-founder of Politico, doing his damnedest to describe the enduring appeal of The Drudge Report. He ends up describing the audience of Politico, but maybe that’s the point: Everyone looks at Drudge and sees what they want to see. People who hate conservatives read Drudge to see what those people are raving about now. People who hate the media read Drudge to fuel that grudge. The site’s cryptic one-word banner headlines aren’t codes so much as Rorschach blots.



Ashton Kutcher Saves “Two And A Half Men,” Breaks Twitter. Twitter is goin’ all Fail Whale right now at the news of top tweeter Ashton Kutcher replacing Charlie Sheen over at “Two And A Half Men.” And who knew such a new-fashioned communication tool could be end up paralyzed by casting moves on the world’s most traditional sitcom?



There’s an old joke about denial being a river in Egypt, and I suppose there’s another joke one can make about denial being a river running though New Orleans right now.
That’s Uproxx writer and New Orleans native Brett Michael Dykes talking about folks in New Orleans willfully tuning out news about potentially devastating floods headed their way. And while you may consider that sort of behavior shallow or perhaps ignorant, the truth is that we often MUST ignore tragedy in order to function on a daily basis, because otherwise we’d all be a bunch of nervous wrecks, if we aren’t already.  No place is ever truly a safe haven.


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